Tile & grout cleaning


Your ceramic tile and grout is not as clean as you would like? Whether it is for a tile floor, the contour of your pool, or a countertop, call us to refresh the look of your tile. Note that we do not clean granite and marble.


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Stain removers

Since there are different types of stain removers, adapted to different types of tile and finish, we will conduct tests prior to cleaning in order to determine which will be the most effective to remove your stains and brighten the joints. All our products are environmentally certified.


Original color and luster

After applying the stain remover, we use a powerful pressure device (2, 500 pounds) to deep-clean the tile and grout. Once this is done, we use another device which removes excess water and allows your tile to dry faster. With our technique, your tile recovers its glossy finish and preserves it.



We will be happy to do a demonstration of a small section that will allow us to determine which stain remover to use and will allow you to see the results for yourself.



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