Furniture cleaning

Stain remover

The stain remover we use will remove all traces of food and grease as well as the protein stains that defile your chairs, armchairs or sofas. We also have specific products for wine, gum or coffee stains. It is important that you contact us before applying any stain remover on your furniture. With our products, your chairs, armchairs and sofas will stay cleaner, for a longer period of time.

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Original colors

After removing the stains, we apply a neutral product on the fabric of the chair, armchair or sofa that removes the dark circles that might have been left. This neutral product also allows the fabric of your furniture to recover its original colors and keep them longer.

Conventional cleaning

Conventional cleaning uses a lot of water that seeps into the cushion of the chair, armchair or sofa, thus promoting the development of mold. Moreover, conventional cleaning uses a device, which, after some time, may damage the fabric fibers. For our part, we clean every piece of furniture by hand with a glove specifically designed for preserving the fabric fibers.


Cleaning technology

In order for you to really understand our reduced-moisture cleaning technique, we offer to give you a demonstration that will allow you to see the results for yourself.


Do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration.

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