Carpet cleaning

Pile lifter

Before starting, we use a device designed to straighten the carpet pile and to remove all the solid particles that might be there. It is important to perform this action before actually starting the cleaning because the particles are more easily removed when dry. The device straightens the carpet pile and allows the cleaning products to penetrate the carpet fibers. We then proceed to the cleaning.

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Stain remover

The stain remover is applied on the carpet before cleaning it. The stain remover we use will remove all traces of grease and tar as well as the protein stains that defile your carpets. We also have specific products for wine, gum or coffee stains. Our technique allows your carpets to stay cleaner, for a longer period of time.

Neutral product

After cleaning, we apply a neutral product on the carpet that allows the carpet to recover its original colors and keep them longer. This product removes the dark circles that might have been left by the excessive use of water of conventional cleaning methods.


Conventional cleaning methods

Conventional cleaning methods use an excessive amount of water that takes hours to dry. Moreover, this excessive amount of water seeps into the carpet fibers, which produces several undesirable effects such as bringing-out the stains, making your carpet’s colors duller, damaging your carpet’s fibers and even causing mold.

Cleaning technology

In order for you to really understand our reduced-moisture cleaning technique, we offer to give you a demonstration that will allow you to see the results for yourself.


Our technique will allow you to use your carpets within half an hour.

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Our Technique

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